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About EcoFriendly Foods

EcoFriendly Foods prides itself in providing responsibly raised and humanely harvested livestock to it's customers. EcoFriendly Foods manages a network of sustainable family farms and operates a USDA-Inspected processing facility in Moneta, Virginia which delivers wholesale to restaurants and direct to consumers.

Our Story

EcoFriendly Foods began when I was a young father and a vegetarian.  I wasn’t comfortable subjecting my young daughter’s health and nutrition to my own ideals and objections.  Thus, EcoFriendly foods was born to help me deepen my understanding of the intersection between a former vegetarian and a conscious carnivore.


Furthermore, I began to recognize that what modern animal agriculture and society deemed appropriate table fare at every meal was bordering on inhumane and completely unacceptable. I noticed a more informed consumer beginning to emerge and believed that sustainable agriculture supported by a network of traditional small family farms could heal the wounds of our diminishing nutrition and eroding ecology.


Between my own personal evolution and my recognition of the changing food landscape, EcoFriendly Foods opened the first multi-species USDA Inspected processing facility in 2003.  This enabled us to have complete control over the safety and quality of our meats and the care and treatment of the animals so thoughtfully and humanely raised by the network of interdependently working farms that is EcoFriendly Foods.



Ecofriendly Foods’s vision to have a ‘transparent window’ on your food chain is being realized powered by the partnership with FoodToken. After years of listening to my needs and frustrations ….a long time customer, friend and fellow father transformed my ideas and challenges into a technological tool that not only educated my customers on the origin of their food and the integrity of the farmer but also provided EcoFriendly and other companies with the platform to manage and grow a complicated enterprise. FoodToken brings the transparency and accountability to the food chain, creating a distributed and open marketplace where consumers can transact directly with the farmers and producers of their food.

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